Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective

Band :
Title : Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective
Release Date : 1 February, 2013
Label :
Format : CD



Why have sales of spray-on glitter gone up sevenhundredfold in one year? Why has a one-time songster on the drab folk scene suddenly reincarnated himself as an ambisexual rock god hero who claims he has come to save the Earth? Just what are those strange, multi-coloured lights in the sky? Can anyone say for certain? It’s 1972 and Vince Cosmos is all the rage. He is the enigmatic Glam Rock star who sings about being an alien and whose followers worship him. Poppy Munday is the secretary of his fan club – Sunderland chapter – and all her dreams are about to come true when she finds herself drawn into the strange orbit of the Seventies’ most fabulous star. But what if Vince Cosmos really is an alien? One engaged in a secret battle with aliens already on Earth?

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