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Deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest stands a great ancient oak tree, the Major Oak. Myths and legends surround the tree and many theories have been cast about its unusual size but none are close to the truth. The great storm of October 2014 that devastated the tree was no accident. Something beneath the roots is awakening and what Jason Fox discovers takes him on an amazing adventure. A spaceship!

The cast are top notch and under the direction of Lisa Bowerman turn in a performance that carries the story well and each character is distinct. The other ingredient is the terrific sound; not only the music and effects but also the quality. 7/10

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Osiris is the story of Nottingham graphic designer Jason Fox (Christian Edwards – Doctor Who: Daleks Among Us), his sister Melissa Fox (Liz White – Life On Mars, The Woman In Black) and his unemployed best friend William Tyler (Robert Whitelock – Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John) as they stumble upon an ancient undiscovered spaceship called ‘Osiris’ buried beneath the legendary Major Oak tree in Sherwood Forest. Colin McFarlane (Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight) guest starring as General Trent Stone.

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Osiris is an original cinematic sci-fi audio adventure series designed to sound like a film! Unlike an audiobook, narrated by a storyteller, this audio drama has a full cast with sound effects and music carefully mixed to sound as realistic as possible.

This stereo CD/download release has been encoded in Dolby Pro Logic II™ surround sound from the original 5.1 channel master. If a decoder isn’t available the CD/download will play in stereo as normal.


  • Christian Edwards as Jason Fox
  • Robert Whitelock as William Tyler
  • Liz White as Melissa Fox
  • Colin McFarlane as General Stone
  • Lisa Bowerman as Kate
  • Additional Voices by: David BickerstaffStephen Critchlow & Mel Shiner


  • Written By: Martin Johnson
  • Directed By: Lisa Bowerman
  • Post-Production By: Martin Johnson
  • Cover Artwork By: Damien May
  • Original Songs By: Josh Woodward
  • Recorded At: Moat Studios, London
  • Produced By: Martin Johnson
  • Release Date: 28th November, 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-9929540-0-0
  • Running Time: 52 Minutes Approx.


  • Interviews
  • Reversible Cover

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