Sherwood Sound Studios are announcing a short delay for the general public release date for The Coming of the Martians, our faithful audio adaptation of H. G. Wells’ 1897 martian invasion story The War of the Worlds starring award-winning actor Colin Morgan (Merlin, Humans, The Living and the Dead).

The Coming of the Martians will now be released to the general public in September, 2017. We had intended to release on 21st August, however, we still have some work to do on this story and would rather delay the release than rush it. Our main concern is maintaining high quality standards and because our stories are made to sound realistic, and produced in 5.1 surround sound, we don’t want to release anything that isn’t up to scratch. We also need extra time to send our releases to Kickstarter backers first, the people that helped us produce The Coming of the Martians, then to those that pre-order. We have to hand pack the separate components for the Collector’s USB Edition and post hundreds of different backer rewards. This will take time!

For now, here is a short preview for the production taken from chapter 5 of the original 1898 novel, The Heat-Ray

For those of you that have 5.1 surround sound, here is a 5.1 WAV version: Audio Teaser Trailer

This does mean that those wanting to pre-order the Limited Editions from our site at special reduced prices have until the end of September, 2017 before prices return to normal. These Limited Editions may sell out upon release, so if you’re a fan of the original 1897 story and want to hear, for the first time, an adaptation that remains truly faithful to H. G. Wells’ horrific vision…pre-order today.

We also have a War of the Worlds page with information on this production.