Sherwood Sound Studios are delighted to announce the cast details for The Coming of the Martians, our faithful audio dramatisation of H. G. Wells’ classic 1897 story The War of the Worlds directed by Lisa Bowerman and adapted by Nick Scovell.

Our adaptation retains the dark horrific tone of the original story, the original time period and details of the martian invasion. It is the first time, in our opinion, that there has been a truly faithful, straight adaptation. Here is our cast announcement trailer for the production…

COLIN MORGAN (Humans, The Living and the Dead, Merlin) – Colin plays George, our lead.

RONALD PICKUP (The Crown, Prince of Persia) – Ronald plays The Curate.

DAN STARKEY (Doctor Who) – Dan plays Ogilvy.

OLIVIA POULET (The Thick of It) – Olivia plays wife of George, Marrion.

NIGEL LINDSAY (The Crown) – Nigel plays The Artilleryman, John.

LUKE KEMPNER – Luke plays brother of George, Herbert.

MOLLY HANSON – Molly plays wife of Herbert, Adrienne.

STEPHEN CRITCHLOW – Stephen plays Rostron, Captain of the Thunderchild.

NICK SCOVELL also steps in as Henderson and LISA BOWERMAN as Helen.

The Coming of the Martians will be released in JULY 2017

You can now pre-order the Limited Edition releases of our adaptation exclusively via our online store at a special reduced price. These will rise to full price upon release so be quick as there are only 200 copies of the Collector’s Edition USB, £50 (full price £59.99) and 3000 copies of the Limited Edition DVD£20 (full price 24.99).

We would recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible because when the limited releases are gone, that’s it!

No one would have believed…

From left to right: Nigel Lindsay, Ronald Pickup, Colin Morgan, Stephen Critchlow, Nick Scovell, Olivia Poulet, Dan Starkey, Luke Kempner and Molly Hanson (not shot here).

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